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Obedient Love 33: The Benefits of Long Term Chastity

Monday Oct 04, 2021

Ms. Viola talks about the benefits of semen retention, orgasm denial, and chastity for 30 days or more.  Happy Locktober!   Follow Ms. V's various projects at: http://violavoltairine.com  

Obedient Love 32: For Women - Why Not Dominate Him?

Monday Sep 06, 2021

Ms. Viola asks women about their reaction to submissive men and dispels some misconceptions about FemDom for women who are new to (or put off by) Dominating men.  Women's feedback is welcome!   Lil Simz, Woman:  https://youtu.be/zHGf6tmnLYE Kasia Urbaniak:  https://www.youtube.com/c/KasiaUrbaniakYT   Cathexis House - Ms. V's 24/7 D/s household + lessons in FLR for men: http://cathexishouse.com Ms. V's movie based on the book by Renee Lane: http://artvamp.com/femdomfilm Ms. V's book, 150 Years of Gyanrchy: http://150yearsofgynarchy.com  

Obedient Love 31: FemDom as Religion

Tuesday Jul 13, 2021

Ms. V. delves into the dangerous territory of the patriarchy vs. the divine feminine, witchcraft as liberation, and the Living Goddess tradition.   Caliban and the Witch: https://g.co/kgs/7Y6r3d Can a woman be a Goddess? https://youtu.be/UOhZtpp5L9M   Cathexis House, journals and lessons from Ms. V's  24/7 D/s household:  http://cathexishouse.com Ms. V's book, 150 Years of Gynarchy: https://g.co/kgs/Pf8PmY Ms. V's upcoming movie, based on the book by Renee Lane:  http://artvamp.com/femdomfilm   Free 3-day video course on Female Led Relationships: http://obedient.love      

Obedient Love 30: Submissive Pride

Monday Jun 28, 2021

As Pride month comes to a close, Ms. V. encourages you to follow the example of history and feel bold and proud in being who you are.   Submissive Attraction Flag  by  SilenceTheFox Submissive Attraction (Alternative flag by me) Submissive attraction is a form of attraction in which one feels the  desire to be taken care and protected of by a certain person(usually a dominant or someone that feels dominant attraction). This may include a strong desire to feel needed by the person as well, and may also include a desire to please the person emotionally. (May also include a desire to be the submissive/not be dominant in the relationship if one is formed) Can be accompanied with any orientation such as bi-, poly-, pan-, omni-, hetero-, etc…  While not inherently sexual/romantic/sensual/etc, the person experiencing sumbissive attraction MAY or may not desire any form of relationship(romantic/sexual/QP/etc) with the other person(usually dominant) While this isn’t specified to the kink community and isn’t inherently tied in with it, Kink members of course can be LGBTQ+ or be any identity within the MOGAI+ or whatever community, as being in the kink community doesn’t exclude you from this. So, if you’re a submissive person and you feel this form of attraction as well, awesome! Color meanings: Dark red/whatever color that is: Grey-submissive/demi-submissive, asubmissivespec Red: regular intensity submissive attraction Bright red: intense submissive attraction reddish/brown?: Mix of brown and red, showing unity between submissive and dominant. The brown colors represent the opposite dominant attraction and how they are in a sense dependent on each-other   FREE 3-DAY FLR CLASS at http://obedient.love Take Ms. V.'s FLR course and follow her 24/7 D/s household at http://cathexishouse.com By Ms. V's book, 150 Years of Gynarchy at http://www.smantics.com/VVoltairine/BookInfo.html Check out the movie Ms. V is working on at http://artvamp.com/femdomfilm  

Obedient Love 29: Generative Power

Monday Jun 14, 2021

Just the beginnings of some of Ms. V's rambling musings on how we might unthink hierarchy and focus on the nature of generative power.  This one is a bit less practical and more about changing our modes of thinking to facilitate new modes of of structuring consensual power relationships.   FOR MORE: Follow Ms. Viola's full-time D/s household and take take lessons on how to find and maintain a FLR at http://cathexhishouse.com Read Ms. Viola's book, 150 Years of Gynarchy at: http://www.smantics.com/VVoltairine/BookInfo.html Sign up for Ms. Viola's FREE 3-day FLR class at: http://obedient.love Find out about Ms. V's upcoming movie based on the book Finding Love Through Female Domination, by Renee Lane.  Screenplay by Guinevere Turner:  http://artvamp.com/femdomfilm  

Obedient Love 28: Domestic Service - Level up!

Wednesday May 26, 2021

Ms. Viola rants a bit about what is and is not real domestic service, and and tells you how to take your service to new levels, beyond being simply a good considerate partner.   Mentioned  Marie Kondo:  https://shop.konmari.com/products/the-life-changing-magic-of-tidying-up-1 Do Easy: https://youtu.be/-pjQ0FNzkLQ   150 Years of Gynarchy, by Viola Voltairine: http://150yearsofgynarchy.com   Follow the day-to-day life at Ms. Viola's 27/7 D/s household Cathexis House, and take lessons on being the best submissive you can be: http://cathexishouse.com Learn about the movie Ms. Viola is Producing and Directing, based on the true story Finding Love Through Female Domination by Renee Lane: http://artvamp.com/femdomfilm      

Obedient Love 27: Pegging

Thursday Apr 29, 2021

Ms. V goes over the ins and outs of anal play and pegging for men and their partners.   This is a segment taken from Obedient Love FLR classes, found at http://cathexishouse.com  

Obedient Love 26: The Hidden Dynamics of D/s

Thursday Apr 15, 2021

Ms. Viola discusses the hidden dynamics of attention and energy as they relate to Dominance and submission.   Learn more: http://cathexishouse.com Buy Ms. Viola's new book, 150 Years of Gynarchy: http://150YearsofGynarchy.com  

Obedient Love 25: Slave in My Pocket

Tuesday Feb 23, 2021

Ms. Viola talks about how long distance FLRs can be intensely intimate.   http://cathexishouse.com

Obedient Love 24: My Life in a Female Supremacy

Monday Feb 08, 2021

At the intersection of Female Led Society and Feminism, Natalia Stroika shares her essay My Life in a Female Supremacy where she envisions a world where women rule.  Afterward, she talks a little bit more about the role of imagination and what she might change if she rewrote this today. Ms. V. mentions the film No Men Beyond This Point:  https://youtu.be/cH2LvXVx7uI   For daily journals about living in a 24/7 D/s household, and lessons in FLR: http://cathexishouse.com To see clips from Ms. Viola new film based on Renee Lane's Finding Love Through Female Domination: http://artvamp.com/femdomfilm    


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